Why do electrocardiograms use thermal paper as material?

Time : 2024-01-02

In the medical industry, an electrocardiogram is a very important test that helps doctors understand the health of a patient's heart. As the ECG paper is the carrier for recording ECG results, the selection of materials is particularly important.

Why should we choose thermal paper as the material for electrocardiograms?

1. Thermal paper has high-quality printing effects. It can clearly record the details of the electrocardiogram, allowing doctors to accurately analyze the patient's heart condition. Compared with ordinary paper, the images printed on thermal paper are clearer and less likely to fade, ensuring long-term storage and review of ECG results.

2. Thermal paper is wear-resistant. In a medical environment, paper often needs to be flipped through and circulated frequently. Ordinary paper can easily cause blurred or even damaged images due to friction, but thermal paper can effectively avoid this problem and ensure the integrity and reliability of ECG results.

3. Thermal paper is waterproof and oil-proof. In the medical environment, paper can easily come into contact with water or grease, and ordinary paper often causes blurred images when it is damp or oily, making it impossible to use it normally. The thermal paper can effectively resist the erosion of water and oil, ensuring that the electrocardiogram results are clearly visible.

Therefore, thermal paper has many advantages as a material for electrocardiograms and can better meet the needs of the medical industry. Therefore, when choosing ECG paper materials, thermal paper is undoubtedly a suitable choice.