What is the principle of b-ultrasound

Time : 2022-12-22


Although b-ultrasound belongs to imaging diagnostic equipment, the working principle and imaging technology of b-ultrasound are the combination of sound wave and light wave technology. The sound waves produced by B-ultrasound are ultrasonic waves, which are sound waves with a frequency higher than that which can be heard by human ears.

When the ultrasonic wave generated by the b-ultrasound diagnostic instrument enters the human body, it forms reflected waves in the tissues and organs of the body, returns to the ultrasonic diagnostic instrument, and then passes through the high-energy electronic computer within the ultrasonic diagnosis to convert the energy of sound energy and light energy. form an image representation. It is the principle of ultrasonic diagnosis to show the difference of gray scale in the form of display table, so as to diagnose diseases.

B-ultrasound is widely used in clinical practice, it is a routine inspection item, and it does not cause any damage to the human body.

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