What are the types of medical labels

Time : 2023-01-10

There are many types of medical labels.

According to the application, it can be divided into blood bag labels,  hanging labels, permeable labels, fluorescent labels, anti-counterfeiting labels, etc.


Now the market has a very large demand for blood bag labels, which mainly comes from many places that need to detect blood fractions. Blood bag labels need to pass quality certification before they can be put into use. Because only in this way can the quality of blood and the safety of blood transfusion be guaranteed.

Hanging tags are not used much in the Chinese market, and they have just begun to be used, but in the European and American markets, hanging tags are used a lot. Hanging tags require the use of special materials and techniques. The hanging tag can not only print data information, but also has the effect of hanging, which can greatly reduce the tedious hanging process of the hospital, save time and improve efficiency.

Compared with ordinary labels, low-permeability labels have a good advantage in terms of penetration, because medicines are used to treat diseases, and labels often have chemical effects, so it is required that the labels cannot penetrate the standard to contaminate medicines, which needs to be attached to medicines The labels are either low-permeable or impermeable.

Fluorescent labels are mainly used for the tracking and tracking quality of medicines. Because medicines are related to human health, medicines must be rigorous, which requires that each medicine should be recorded very clearly with numbers. Therefore, hospitals generally use label codes to identify, in order to ensure that there is no missed detection rate for drugs. Each drug must be checked by the operator. To ensure that all medicines are labeled on the packaging.

Hospital anti-counterfeiting labels are generally used in the supply chain, which can ensure the authenticity and safety of pharmaceutical products.