What are the procedures of electrocardiogram operation?

Time : 2022-12-15

The electrocardiogram operation mainly includes five parts, that is, loading paper when starting up, inputting patient information, connecting leads, collecting information and printing the electrocardiogram, and shutting down for finishing. The specific operation flow chart is as follows:

1. Loading paper after booting

Turn on the phone and check whether the battery is sufficient.

Load ECG paper /A4 paper.

2. Connection leads

Limb leads: red, yellow, green, and black, respectively connected to the right upper limb, left upper limb, left lower limb, and right lower limb.

Connect chest leads: red, yellow, blue, brown, black, purple, red C1 to the 4th intercostal space on the right border of the sternum, yellow C2 to the 4th intercostal space on the left border of the sternum, blue C3 (between C2 and C4), brown C4 A fifth intercostal space on the midclavicular line, black C5 to the level of C4 on the anterior axillary line, purple C6 to the level of C4 on the midaxillary line.

3. Enter patient information

Press the new patient button, and a patient information box will pop up, input ID inpatient/outpatient number, name, gender, age, department, bed number, whether there is a pacemaker, and click Save to confirm.

4. Information collection and printing

Press the start button to automatically collect 12-lead information, analyze, and print the ECG 30cm.

5. Turn off and tidy up

Turn off the electrocardiogram machine, tidy up the electrodes, and help the patient tidy up his clothes.


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