What are the common specifications of Medical ultrasonic paper?

Time : 2024-01-23

Medical Ultrasound paper is a special paper commonly used in the medical field and is used for printing and recording ultrasound images. It has certain special properties and can adapt to the printing requirements of ultrasonic images.

So, what are the common specifications of medical Ultrasonic paper?


Generally, the common specifications of medical ultrasonic paper mainly include width and length. In terms of width, common specifications are 210mm, 110mm, 80mm, etc., and in terms of length, common specifications are 20m, 30m, etc. These specifications can meet the use needs of different models of ultrasonic printers, and can also adapt to the printing and recording of ultrasonic images of different sizes.

In addition to common specifications, medical ultrasonic paper also has some customized specifications, which can be customized and produced according to actual needs. For example, some special models of ultrasonic printers may require special sizes of ultrasonic paper. In this case, the specifications can be customized according to the printer's requirements to ensure printing effect and quality.