The medical ultrasound paper models HD and HG, what are the differences?

Time : 2023-12-20

Medical Ultrasound paper is a commonly used special paper in the medical industry for printing ultrasound images. When choosing medical ultrasound paper, you often encounter models with HD and HG.

What are the differences between these two?

HD and HG represent different paper materials. HD stands for high density, while HG stands for high gloss. High-density ultrasound paper usually has good ink absorption performance, which can print clear and detailed images, suitable for general ultrasound examinations. On the other hand, high gloss ultrasound paper has better gloss and color performance, suitable for examinations requiring higher quality images, such as cardiac ultrasound.

It is important to note that the prices of HD and HG also differ. Generally, the price of high gloss ultrasound paper is slightly higher than that of high-density ultrasound paper because high gloss paper usually uses higher-grade materials and processes. The choice between HD and HG models of ultrasound paper needs to be based on specific usage requirements.

In conclusion, there are certain differences in material and price between the HD and HG models of medical ultrasound paper, and the choice should be made based on specific usage needs. We hope this article can help everyone better understand the differences between the HD and HG models of medical ultrasound paper.