The Importance of ECG paper Quality to ECG Machine

Time : 2023-05-11

Attention ECG machine users! Don't underestimate the importance of using high-quality ECG paper.  Poor quality paper can damage the print head and shorten the lifespan of your machine. On the other hand, good quality ECG paper produces clear images, reducing the risk of misjudgment. Don't compromise on the paper quality as it directly affects the accuracy of your ECG results. Invest in quality ECG paper to ensure the longevity of your machine and improve the precision of your diagnosis.


So how to choose high-quality ECG paper, Guanhua Paper Factory has been engaged in the production of ECG drawings for more than 20 years.

let’s listen to the suggestions of professional suppliers

First, consider whether the shading is clear. Unclear or fuzzy shading will affect the transmission of the ECG signal, resulting in inaccurate results. Therefore, we should choose ECG drawings with clear and clear shading, and pay attention to prevent scratches and other damage during use.

Second, consider whether the paper quality is high. Some ECG charts are of poor quality and tend to peel off or stick, which can also cause signal distortion and inaccurate measurements. Generally speaking, the thicker the paper, the better, so basically it is best to choose high-density paper above 90 g/m2.

Furthermore, it is very important to choose the appropriate size of the ECG chart. Most ECG drawings sold in the market are in standard A4 size, but there may be slight differences between different brands. Therefore, the size specifications should be carefully checked at the time of purchase to ensure that the ECG drawing fits the instrument correctly.

Also, color choice matters. High-quality ECG drawings usually have a white background, which can better display the details of the ECG signal, and is easy to print and reproduce. If an ECG chart that is not sufficiently white is used, the signal may not be clear enough to make a correct diagnosis.