Requirements of medical adhesive label

Time : 2023-02-01

Requirements of medical adhesive label
With the continuous improvement of the medical level, the quality requirements for medical supplies have become more and more strict, and medical supplies also include medical adhesive labels. Next, let's introduce the labeling requirements and sanitary requirements for medical adhesive labels.


1. High-quality medical adhesive label is suitable for labeling requirements of high-speed automation

Large-scale health care pharmaceutical enterprises have a large unit output. Their production lines often require labeling speed of more than 100 bottles per minute. Some pharmaceutical enterprises with high degree of automation even require automatic labeling speed of 300 bottles per minute. The speed of manual labeling and wet adhesive labeling is far from meeting the needs of such high-speed production.

2. The adhesive of high-quality self-adhesive label is more suitable for the hygienic requirements of drugs

First of all, most adhesives used for pasting and wet adhesive labeling do not meet the requirements of relevant health standards, such as FDA and BGVV. Secondly, the use of hand-mounted paste for pasting and wet adhesive labeling may leave the glue outside the label, which is easy to bind bacteria and dust. The special adhesive for medical self-adhesive label has solved these problems very well. The self-adhesive label is more exquisite and beautiful than other label methods. In addition, in the future, the self-adhesive printing manufacturers will pay more attention to logistics control to save costs and improve efficiency, and need to use heat transfer barcode labels to control production management, inventory management, quality tracking, etc. Therefore, variable information print labels will be used more widely.
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