Precautions for using electrocardiograph

Time : 2022-11-25

The electrocardiogram machine is a machine for electrocardiogram examination. The precautions for the use of the electrocardiogram machine are as follows:

1. Before the inspection, you should know whether there is a reserve of ECG drawings in the machine, and you should charge it in time after use to ensure that the battery is fully charged.

2. If the battery power is low during the use of the electrocardiograph, an external AC power supply is required for inspection.

3. When installing the limb leads and chest leads of the ECG,  it is necessary to ensure that the leads are connected correctly.
To avoid reverse connection of left and right hands, liquids such as normal saline and water for injection should be used to promote contact between the lead and the body, promote electrical conduction, and avoid muscle tremors and other interference.

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