Precautions for b-ultrasound examination

Time : 2022-12-16

Precautions for b-ultrasound examination

The b-ultrasound examination requires attention to the examination time, easy to wear, carrying the previous ultrasound examination report, and patiently waiting for the cooperation of the fetal position.

1. To perform a suitable ultrasound examination at a suitable gestational age, please visit a regular hospital with prenatal qualifications for relevant ultrasound examinations

2. During the ultrasound examination, it must be convenient to wear, so that the abdomen can be fully exposed during the exa

mination to cooperate with the ultrasound examination doctor for examination

3. During the examination, carry all the previous ultrasound examination reports, so that the ultrasound examination doctor can conduct a continuous evaluation process on the fetus during the diagnosis process.

4.There are some special examinations that require the cooperation of the fetal position, such as nt ultrasound examination and fetal system ultrasound examination. You need to wait patiently and then cooperate with the doctor to complete the ultrasound examination.