How to use ECG paper

Time : 2023-05-11

Electrocardiograms are widely used to assess the state of a patient's heart and detect arrhythmias, ischemic heart disease, and other heart problems. The non-invasive test could help doctors analyze heart function and develop treatment plans for specific conditions.

We'll explore how to use ECG paper correctly.


1. Select the ECG paper
There are a variety of ECG paper with different qualities to choose from on the market, and users should choose the appropriate model according to the needs of the laboratory. Electrocardiographic drawings should be selected according to the instrument used, such as determining parameters such as specifications, dimensions, and thickness. In addition, the actual needs of monochrome/color ECG papers also need to be considered.

2. Preparations
Before taking an ECG recording, it must be ensured that the equipment is functioning properly. In addition, the technician needs to explain the ECG recording process to the patient under examination and ensure that the patient understands and cooperates with the procedure, such as relaxing and not talking.
Before taking an ECG recording, wash the skin surface of the patient's arms and legs. Removing oil and dirt from the skin surface ensures good electrode contact. An ECG with 12 standard leads is usually recorded using 10 electrodes. Electrodes are placed on prescribed locations on the arms and legs and secured with patches or clips.

3. ECG Installation Test
First, ensure that the ECG machine is properly calibrated and the correct paper size is loaded. Secondly, handle the paper with care to avoid any creases or folds. Next, ensure that the paper is securely attached to the machine and the print quality is clear. After the ECG test is complete, carefully remove the paper and store it in a dry and safe place. Remember to dispose of the paper properly according to local regulations. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for choosing our services.