Commonly used ECG machine brands in Europe and the United States and the specifications of related ECG paper

Time : 2023-07-07

In medicine, the electrocardiogram is a very common diagnostic tool used to detect and evaluate a patient's heart function. In order to meet various needs, there are many well-known brands of ECG machines in the European and American markets, each with its own unique features and advantages.


The following are some commonly used ECG machine brands in the European and American markets:

1. Philips: As one of the world's leading medical equipment manufacturers, Philips provides several series of ECG machines, such as PageWriter and TC series. These machines feature high-precision measurement capabilities and intelligent interpretation software that help doctors better understand a patient's heart condition.

2. GE Healthcare: GE Healthcare is also a reputable company with strong technical strength in the field of electrocardiogram machines. Their ECG machine product line includes MAC and CASE series, these devices not only provide accurate ECG results, but also have convenient data transmission function.

3. Schiller: As a representative of European electrocardiograph manufacturers, Schiller's electrocardiographs are famous for their excellent quality and innovative technology. The Cardiovit range is one of their most popular products, offering comprehensive ECG monitoring and analysis capabilities.

The above is just one of the common ECG machine brands in the European and American markets. Each brand has different models and functional features. Medical professionals can choose a suitable ECG machine according to their needs.

Specific details regarding ECG paper specifications for these ECG machines may vary by make and model. However, most ECG machines use standard ECG papers and follow the International Electrical Commission (IEC) specifications for ECG recording.

The standard ECG paper size is usually 210mm x 280mm (or 8.27 inches x 11.02 inches), and the paper is divided into horizontal and vertical grid lines. There are usually numbers on the ECG chart to indicate the relationship between time and distance. In addition, it includes information such as grid adjustment information and weighing lines.

Of course, specific ECG paper specifications may also vary according to the requirements of each ECG machine and the actual situation of a specific region/machine. Healthcare professionals should contact the device manufacturer and refer to the appropriate product manual for accurate specification information when selecting an ECG chart.