Common specifications of ctg machine paper

Time : 2024-01-25

CTG machine paper is an important medical device used to record fetal heartbeat and uterine contractions. Choosing the right specification and quality of ctg machine paper is crucial to ensuring the accuracy and clarity of your records. There are many different specifications of ctg machine paper available on the market.

So you need to understand the common specifications before purchasing.


Commonly used ctg machine paper specifications include 50mm*30m, 112mm*90mm, 152mm*90mm, etc. Among them, 50mm*30m is suitable for some small CTG machines and suitable for use in general medical institutions. The 112mm*90mm and 152mm*90mm are suitable for some large high-end CTG machines and are suitable for use in large hospitals or professional medical institutions.

When choosing ctg machine paper, in addition to specifications, you also need to consider the quality of the paper. High-quality CTG machine paper should have good printing effects, be able to clearly record fetal heartbeat and uterine contractions, and the texture of the paper should be wear-resistant, not easy to fade, and be able to preserve the recorded information for a long time.

Overall, choosing the appropriate ctg machine paper specification and quality is crucial for the accuracy and long-term preservation of medical records. When purchasing, it is recommended to choose according to the actual ctg machine specifications and quality requirements used to ensure the accuracy and clarity of the records.