Common Medical Ultrasound Paper Specifications and Product Features

Time : 2023-07-08

Medical Ultrasonic paper is an important material widely used in the medical field. It has high-quality imaging effects and good reliability, and is suitable for ultrasonic diagnostic equipment. Medical Ultrasound paper has a variety of specifications

The following will introduce some of the common specifications.


1. Size: The size of medical ultrasound paper usually varies according to different application requirements. The most common specifications are widths of 210mm, 240mm or 300mm and lengths of 20m or 50m. These dimensions can accommodate different types of ultrasound equipment, from portable equipment to large machines.

2. Thickness: The thickness of medical ultrasonic paper is also an important parameter. The thickness is usually between 60 and 90 grams to ensure sufficient light transmission and durability. The right thickness provides crisp image quality and is strong enough to withstand stretching and tearing from everyday use.

3. Packaging method: Medical ultrasound paper is usually sold in roll form, which is convenient for installation and use. Roll packaging also helps avoid contamination and damage. Additionally, ultrasound papers are often supplied in sterile packaging to ensure hygiene and safety in medical settings.

4. Material properties: Medical ultrasonic paper is usually made of high-quality paper, which has excellent light transmission and ultrasonic conductivity. They are specially processed so that they can provide high-definition images without interfering or affecting the transmission of ultrasound waves. The material is usually wood pulp paper, which has good flexibility and durability, and can maintain stable characteristics during use.

5. Color matching: The common color matching of medical ultrasonic paper is white and blue. White ultrasound paper is usually used for general ultrasound examinations, while blue ultrasound paper is often used for special needs, such as during the injection of contrast media, to help doctors identify images more clearly.

To sum up, the common specifications of medical ultrasound paper in European and American markets include different sizes and thickness options, made of high-quality paper, and supplied in roll form. These specifications meet the various needs of medical equipment and provide high-quality imaging. Medical ultrasound paper plays an important role in medical diagnosis, providing doctors with accurate and clear images to help them make accurate diagnosis and treatment decisions.