Classification of medical record paper

Time : 2024-01-18

Medical record paper is an indispensable part of medical institutions, recording various medical information of patients and providing important reference for doctors and nurses.

It can be classified into different categories based on its purpose and characteristics, each with specific uses and applications.

1. ECG Paper


ECG paper is a special type of paper used to record electrocardiograms, with conductive properties to effectively record the heart's electrical activity. It usually has a specific grid structure for accurately recording ECG waveforms and rhythms. In clinical practice, ECG paper is widely used for the diagnosis and monitoring of patients with heart disease.

2. Ultrasound paper


Ultrasound paper is used to record the results of ultrasound examinations. It has a certain degree of light transmission and smoothness to clearly record ultrasound images and examination results. Ultrasound paper is widely used in departments such as obstetrics and gynecology, and urology, helping doctors accurately assess lesions and the development trends of conditions.

3. Fetal Heart Monitoring Paper


Fetal heart monitoring paper is used to record the fetal heart rate and uterine contractions. It has water resistance and durability to continuously record fetal heart and uterine contractions during labor, providing important monitoring data for doctors.

In addition to the above common types of medical record paper, there are many other types such as blood analysis paper, urine test paper, and pathology slide paper. Each type has specific uses and characteristics, and medical institutions need to choose the appropriate paper to ensure the accurate recording and preservation of medical information.

Different types of medical record paper have specific uses and characteristics. Medical staff need to select the appropriate paper according to their actual needs to ensure the accuracy and completeness of medical information. We hope this article has been helpful in understanding the classification of medical record paper. Thank you for reading! If you need to purchase medical paper, please feel free to contact us.