Characteristics of Ultrasonic Paper and Its Application Scenarios in Ultrasonic Examination

Time : 2023-08-18

As a special paper commonly used in the field of medical imaging, Ultrasound paper has a series of unique characteristics and is widely used in ultrasound examinations.

This article will introduce the characteristics of Ultrasonic paper and its application scenarios in ultrasonic examination, let us understand together.

Ultrasound paper is a special paper specially designed for ultrasound image recording. It has the following main features:

1. High transparency: Ultrasonic paper has a high degree of transparency, which can clearly transmit ultrasonic signals and ensure the quality and clarity of ultrasonic images.

2. High strength: Ultrasonic paper has been specially treated to have high tensile and moisture resistance, and can withstand the high-frequency signals output by ultrasonic instruments without being torn or deformed.

3. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly: Ultrasonic paper is made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials, which is harmless to the human body, meets medical and health standards, and can be recycled to reduce environmental pollution.

4. Convenient marking: The surface of the ultrasound paper usually has scale lines and grids, which are convenient for doctors to measure and mark, and improve work efficiency and accuracy.

Ultrasonic paper has a wide range of application scenarios in ultrasonic examination. Here are some common application scenarios:

1. Clinical diagnosis: Ultrasound paper is used to record and store ultrasound images. Doctors can evaluate the shape, structure and function of the lesion by observing the ultrasound images, so as to perform clinical diagnosis.

2. Treatment guidance: Ultrasound paper is often used in ultrasound-guided treatment operations, such as ultrasound-guided puncture biopsy, extraction and placement of catheters, etc. Doctors can precisely locate and monitor the treatment process by observing ultrasound images in real time.

3. Preoperative assessment: Ultrasound paper can conduct a comprehensive assessment of lesions before surgery, helping doctors formulate surgical plans, determine the scope of surgery, and predict surgical risks, improving surgical safety and success rate.

4. Follow-up monitoring: Ultrasound paper is used to record ultrasound images of patients, which can be used for follow-up monitoring of the evolution of lesions and evaluation of treatment effects, and timely adjustment of treatment plans.

To sum up, as a special paper, ultrasonic paper has unique characteristics and a wide range of application scenarios in ultrasonic examination. Its high transparency, high strength, non-toxic and environmentally friendly characteristics enable doctors to obtain clear ultrasound images and perform accurate diagnosis and treatment operations. Ultrasound paper has played an important role in clinical practice and promoted the development and application of ultrasound technology.