Applications of Ultrasound in the Medical Industry

Time : 2023-05-06

Ultrasound is a common physical phenomenon and an integral part of many medical devices. Ultrasound technology has been widely used in the medical field.

This article will introduce you to the application of ultrasound in the medical industry.

1. Diagnosis
One of the most widely used applications of ultrasound technology is medical imaging diagnosis. Ultrasound can pass through different tissues such as skin, soft tissue, and bone to generate high-frequency sound wave signals, and then use receivers to capture the echoes and generate images. These images can be used to detect morphological and functional abnormalities in the heart, liver, breast, uterus, and more.

2. Treatment
In addition to diagnosis, ultrasound can also be used therapeutically. The most common of these is the ultrasonic ablation technique. This technology uses high-frequency sound waves to heat local tissues to kill cancer cells or other abnormal cells. In addition, ultrasound therapy can also be used to treat symptoms such as lymphedema, high blood pressure and pain.

2. Surgery
Ultrasound can also be used in surgery. Ultrasonic knives convert high-frequency vibrations into heat for surgical operations. This technique can effectively reduce bleeding and injury, shorten operation time and improve operation effect. At present, this technology has been widely used in many fields such as nerves, bones, and ophthalmology.

3. Dental treatment
Ultrasound technology can also be used in dental treatment. For example, ultrasonic cleaners can effectively remove plaque and dirt by wiping tooth surfaces and periodontal pockets through high-frequency vibrations. In addition, ultrasound can also be used for root canal treatment and periodontitis treatment.

In short, ultrasound technology has a wide range of applications in the medical field, and is constantly being improved and innovated. With the advancement of technology and the expansion of applications, ultrasound technology will become one of the most important technologies in the future medical field.