Why ECG papers are still used in Medicine

Time : 2023-04-07

ECG paper is a kind of paper specially used for recording ECG, which has the following characteristics

1. High sensitivity: The sensitivity of the ECG chart is very high, and it can record small changes in the electrical activity of the heart, thereby providing accurate ECG records.

2. Time and space scales: There are clear time and space scales on the ECG chart, which can accurately record the timing and amplitude of cardiac electrical activity.

3. Grid-like structure: The electrocardiogram is composed of a grid-like structure, and each small grid represents a certain time and voltage, which is convenient for doctors to analyze and diagnose the ECG.

4. Standardization: There are strict standardization requirements for the size, grid size, and ruler of ECG drawings, which ensures the uniformity and comparability of ECG records.

5. Special paper structure: The special paper structure of ECG drawings can prevent leakage and interference, and ensure the accuracy and reliability of ECG records.

6. Easy to save: After the ECG drawings are recorded, they can be saved very conveniently, ensuring the integrity and traceability of the records.

In short, ECG drawings have the characteristics of high sensitivity, time and space scales, grid-like structure, standardization, special paper structure, and easy storage. These characteristics ensure the accuracy and reliability of ECG records, and help doctors conduct cardiac Disease diagnosis and treatment.


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