Why ECG paper use thermal paper as material

Time : 2023-04-20

With the continuous development of modern medical technology, electrocardiogram examination has become a necessary link in medical treatment. In ECG examination, ECG drawing is one of the key elements, and thermal paper has also become one of the main materials of ECG drawing. So why do ECG paper use thermal paper as a material?

First of all, thermal paper has good wear resistance and anti-aging ability. ECG paper need to withstand frequent friction and wear during use, so they need to have good wear resistance. At the same time, ECG paper also need to be preserved for a long time, so they need to have better anti-aging ability. Thermal paper just has these characteristics, so it has become the main choice for ECG paper.

Secondly, thermal paper can achieve high-definition printing effect. Information such as identification marks, waveform diagrams, and characters need to be printed on the ECG drawing, and the printing effect needs to be clearly visible. The surface coating of thermal paper can produce obvious color changes when printing, so as to achieve high-definition printing effect.

In addition, thermal paper also has good thermal performance. The information that needs to be printed on the ECG drawing is very detailed, so it is necessary to achieve high-speed printing. Thermal paper has good thermal performance and can complete high-definition printing in a short period of time.

Finally, thermal paper also has advantages in terms of production costs. Compared with traditional materials such as coated paper and graphite paper, thermal paper has lower production costs, which can save costs for manufacturers and reduce the cost of ECG examinations.

To sum up, thermal paper has become one of the main materials for ECG paper because it has the characteristics of wear resistance, anti-aging ability, high-definition printing effect and good thermal performance, and it also has low Cost of production. These characteristics make thermal paper an ideal material choice for ECG paper.

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