What should we pay attention to before doing an electrocardiogram

Time : 2022-12-01

Electrocardiogram is a relatively common examination. Many people can basically know the heart condition through electrocardiogram when they have heart discomfort. , but if these matters can be avoided before the inspection, more accurate inspection results can be obtained.

1. Avoid exercise
Generally speaking, if you exercise before the electrocardiogram examination, it will cause abnormal electrocardiogram, because the heart beats faster during exercise, and the speed of blood circulation will also increase, which will lead to abnormal electrocardiogram. Before the examination, let yourself rest for about 10 minutes, and try not to exercise or run for the examination.

2. Avoid wearing metal accessories
In addition to avoiding exercise during the ECG examination, you should also pay attention to avoid wearing metal accessories, because metal accessories will interfere with the ECG, which will cause the examiner to generate static electricity during the examination and affect the ECG results. Remove some metal objects worn by the body.

3. Avoid being too nervous
Some people feel inexplicable tension during the examination, especially women, because they need to lift their clothes during the examination, so they will feel more nervous and make their heart beat faster. In this case, the ECG examination obtained is not accurate enough, so you should keep your emotions stable before the examination, and convince yourself that it is just a simple examination and nothing else.

4. Avoid medication
Generally, you should pay attention to taking medicines before the electrocardiogram examination. Some medicines will indirectly affect the electrocardiogram results, so you should inform the doctor about your medication before the examination, and ask the doctor whether you can perform the electrocardiogram examination or whether you should stop before the examination. medication,

5. Avoid wearing clothes that generate static electricity
Try to wear loose clothing on the day of the ECG examination, because if you choose some tight clothing during the ECG examination, it will bring unnecessary trouble to the examination. In addition, you must ensure that the clothing is pure cotton. If you choose lace or other materials Static electricity may be generated and affect the inspection results.

Generally speaking, some things need to be known before the ECG examination. Only by knowing the details can we get accurate examination results during the examination and avoid errors or other problems. Another thing to know is that although an EKG does not emit radiation, it needs to be done regularly, but not frequently.

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