What is the difference between ECG paper and ordinary paper

Time : 2022-12-16

ECG paper is a kind of thermal paper used with ECG machine. Generally used in hospitals, doctors judge the patient's heart rate through the electrocardiogram printed by the electrocardiogram machine. What is the difference between it and ordinary office paper?

Compared with ordinary paper, thermal paper has a thin layer of coating on the surface, which contains a special chemical substance called leuco dye. Because the leuco dye is colorless, thermal paper looks the same as ordinary paper at room temperature. As the temperature rises, the leuco dye and acidic substances melt into liquid one after another, and the molecules in the composition A chemical reaction occurs, and the color quickly appears on the white paper. Discoloration of paper caused by high temperature.

Due to the high color definition and convenient printing of thermal paper, it is helpful to improve the efficiency of clinical diagnosis. Therefore, ECG paper usually choose thermal paper as the material.

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