What is an ECG paper? What are the clinical classifications of ECG papers?

Time : 2022-12-15

1. What is an ECG paper?

ECG paper is a kind of thermal paper used with ECG machine. Generally used in hospitals, the doctor judges the heart rate of the patient through the electrocardiogram printed by the electrocardiogram machine.

The basic principle of ECG paper:

First, a layer of carbon black is applied on the base paper, and then a layer of white dye is applied to make the surface look like white paper. Then print out the grid with coordinate lines. When the EKG machine's "hot head" touches the paper, the dye in the coating is dissolved, creating black lines and then corresponding wavy lines.

What is an ECG paper What are the clinical classifications of ECG papers

2.What are the clinical classifications of ECG papers?

1. Paper for ECG - ECG drawings use special heat-sensitive paper, which is often used in ECG machines, defibrillators, exercise tablets, ECG monitors, etc.

2. Fetal monitor paper—use special thermal paper, which is often used in different brands of fetal monitors. Commonly used brands include Dongyi, HP, Anke, Oxford, etc.

3. Paper for EEG - ECG drawings use special high-quality processed paper, which is often used in EEG, physiological recorders and evoked potentials.

4. Color inkjet and laser printing paper - special waterproof, matte or glossy coated paper, often used for printing on computer workstations in departments such as electronic endoscopy, pathology, inspection, X-ray, ECT, and B-ultrasound.

5. Video printing paper - use special glued thermal paper or glossy photo paper, record by chemical or thermal sublimation, often used in B-ultrasound room or computer station of electronic endoscope.

6. Other types of recording paper—ECG drawings use white heat-sensitive paper of various specifications, which are often used in departments such as audiometry, inspection, and ophthalmology optometry.

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