What are the precautions for ECG machine use

Time : 2023-02-15

In clinical work, the use of ECG machine is absolutely the nurse's grasp, because when patients develop suspected cardiac symptoms such as precordial discomfort and chest pain, timely and accurate provision of an ECG to physicians is of great significance in the treatment of patients, diagnosis of physicians.

But in the process of using an ECG machine, there's always been a lot of problems, and I summarized some.

1. Hand off careful

Check the ECG machine's full state while on shift / before and after doing ECG.

1. ECG machine is in charge. Interfaces and plugs to the power sections are adequately plugged to avoid delaying the timing of mapping because of low power to find the source.

2. The probing joints for the chest wall leads are properly secured. In particular to do ECG to note chest wall lead suction ball adsorbed to the patient to be removed in time.

3. The antegrade patency of the lead wire is easy to pick up. After the ECG is done, the chest wall leads can be removed a priori and the limb leads removed, such that a portion of the enucleation is done so that the lead wires wrap around each other to do more time-consuming grooming.

4. ECG drawings are adequate, also to know the method of adding paper by different types of ECG machine.

5. Coupling agents, normal saline, etc. are adequate.

2. Able to recruit

1. How should limb leads be secured in patients encountering open extremity fractures, amputation infections, and limb burns?
Answer: ① the limb lead can be clamped at the proximal / distal end avoiding the wound, and the electrode can even be tied at any point on the limb distal to the shoulder and groin.
② Recordings were obtained if the failure to clip the lead clip mottled the lead wire tail needle out, affixed it to the limb skin (skin clean).

2. What to do in a patient with cardiac arrest who is undergoing chest compressions and is having an ECG recording?
Answer: a limb lead ECG can be recorded as long as the limb lead wire is attached (not relevant to the chest wall lead wire), but attempts to record the chest wall lead alone are not possible in cases where the good limb lead wire is not attached.
We can freeze the ECG while judging the condition of the patient (stop pressing for no more than 10 seconds).

3. What to do with inadvertent loss of suction balloon for chest wall leads?
A: the lead wire tail needle, to which the lead clip is mottled, is pulled out and taped to the patient's skin.

4. 18 on a 12 lead basis, can the machine be a 12 lead machine?
A: after routine 12 lead ECG was done, leads v3r, V4R, v5r (in the right front chest) with chest leads V1-V3 and leads V7, V8, V9 (in the left back back). Limb leads were not removed and an additional ECG was recorded.

5. Besides making clear the English abbreviations, are there tips and tricks to identify the lead, and what makes it unwise to install it?
A: limb leads: again (right) red and (right) black, Huang (yellow) upper green (lower)
Annotation: all we want to remember is that it's safe to be above, red on the top right, black on the bottom right, yellow on the top left, green on the bottom left, and the manufacturers of the ECG recorders all follow such a color "" Convention "".
Chest wall leads: reddish green, Tan violet. Multi mindfulness polydactyly, set to be remembered in the heart.

6. The old man's skin is dry and shriveled, how can it be fixed?
Suction ball / patch application of saline on such skin does not make a stable, clear ECG and coupling agents can be applied.

In addition, while doing the ECG, be sure to note that the patient is human and not unconscious dogma and that a restless patient is uncooperative.

So, I'm going to stress being good at communicating and communicating when doing an ECG for a patient; For example, "" we come and do the ECG and ask you not to move or talk, and it will end soon "", "" be a bit cool. Please cooperate "", "" don't tension and breathe slowly "", etc.

After the operation, be attentive to clean the skin for the patient, and sort out the patient's clothes, especially for the female patient to pay attention to occlusion so as not to raise unnecessary disputes.

ECG to timely and accurately mark on the patient's name, sex, bed number, medical record number, follow the medical records on the patient's vital signs.

Having ruled out personnel, technical issues, the poor contact of individual components of an old ECG machine is also notable.

So it is also necessary to clean and maintain the ECG machine quite a bit, so that a colleague who facilitates the next pick-up ECG machine has a smooth start.

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