What are the commonly used sizes of ECG paper, how to select the appropriate manufacturer

Time : 2023-02-23

ECG, as a common detection method in modern medical treatment, has a wide range of applications in various hospitals. ECG paper as consumables for ECG machines are used in huge quantities with great market potential. Next, an ECG paper source factory teaches you how to select the right vendor.

Common dimensions of ECG paper:

50mm × 20m、50mm × 30m、210mm × 30m etc.

These sizes are commonly used commercially today and are in high demand, and these specifications can be considered when purchasing.

In addition, the quality of ECG paper is directly related to the effect of printing imaging, which has a great impact on physicians' judgment of the condition, so procurement of ECG must pay attention to the printing effect, good printed paper lines are clear, not blurred, not card paper, no paper chip. Good ECG paper also helps extend the life of an ECG machine.

Be sure to select the source plant:

Source plant as the producer, there is guarantee for quality control, when procurement can choose those manufacturers that pass ISO, CE certification, ensure the quality of ECG paper and the submission period, avoid delay business opportunities.

Supplementary notes:

When placing ECG paper, avoiding high temperatures, avoiding direct sunlight, avoiding prolonged storage under fluorescent lights, should be placed below 70 ℃ if prolonged storage above 70 ℃ has the potential to result in a change in product color affecting practical use.

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