The development of the medical industry is inseparable from the silent support of thermal paper and labels

Time : 2023-01-10

A hospital is a place to save lives and heal the wounded, and a doctor is one of the greatest professions in the world. In contemporary society, with the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to health, so the medical industry will become an increasingly popular industry. Hospitals face many patients and cases every day, and orderly workflow records are a must, so all of this is inseparable from the support of thermal paper self-adhesive labels.

Thermal paper self-adhesive labels are used as recording materials in medical and measuring systems, such as electrocardiographic drawings, thermal instrument recording paper, etc. Thermal paper can be used to print ECG drawings and record the patient's ECG as an important basis for doctors to diagnose and analyze patients. It can be seen that the progress and maturity of medicine cannot be separated from the support of modern science and technology. In the past, doctors paid attention to seeing, hearing and asking, but modern scientific instruments can intuitively detect the patient's physical condition. Coupled with the rich medical experience of the doctor, they can accurately judge the patient's physical condition, so as to prescribe the right medicine and treat according to the picture. I have to say this It is the advantage of current medicine. The thermal paper non-drying label provides drawings for the records of advanced instruments, which can be said to be an indispensable part of this process.

Why do machines such as electrocardiograms in hospitals use thermal paper?

1. Easy to replace - the paper can be replaced when it is gone, which is very important for medical equipment.

2. Simple structure and high reliability - thermal paper is equivalent to "self-contained ink", which saves the trouble of replacing ink and paper separately, and there is only relative sliding between the fixed heat source and the paper during printing, ensuring stability and reliability .

3. The principle is similar -- the principle of thermal printing is exactly the same as the principle of [body surface potential change with time] reflected in the electrocardiogram.

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