Recommended ultrasonic paper of common specifications

Time : 2023-02-01

Ultrasonic paper UPP-110HG is A6 size high brightness thermal printing paper, also known as UPP-110HG A6 video image printing paper or UPP-110HG ultra-recording paper, which is often used in the fields of endoscopic microscopic analysis, workstation, etc. It is the consumable for image output. It is a kind of high-gloss gelatinous thermal paper.

Ultrasonic paper UPP-110HG product introduction:

1. Product name: SONY (Sony) UPP-110HG A6 high brightness heat-sensitive black and white printing paper (B-ultrasonic paper)

2. Specification: 110mm, 18M, A6 size

3. Brand: inbetter

4. Origin: China

5. Package: 20m/roll

6. Application: Sony, Mitsubishi and other video printers

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