Principle and common specifications of ECG paper

Time : 2023-02-01

ECG paper is a kind of thermal paper used with ECG machine. It is generally used in hospitals. Doctors can judge the patient's heart rate through the ECG paper printed by the ECG machine. Next, we will introduce the specifications and principles of the ECG paper.

Basic principle of ECG paper:
First, apply a layer of carbon black on the base paper, and then a layer of white dye to make its surface look like white paper. Then print out the grid with coordinate lines. When the "hot head" of the electrocardiograph touches the paper, the dye on the coating will be dissolved, black lines will appear, and then the corresponding wavy lines will be obtained.

Common ECG drawing specifications:
50mm × 20m,50mm × 30m,210mm × 30m,210mmx280mm etc.

Storage method of ECG paper:
1. Avoid high temperature environment, direct sunlight and long-time exposure to fluorescent lamps.
2. It should be placed below 70 ℃. If it is placed above 70 ℃ for a long time, the color of the product may change and the actual use may be affected.

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