Introduction and Usage Instructions for ECG Paper

Time : 2024-05-22

Electrocardiogram paper is a product used to record electrocardiogram signals, typically in medical facilities and clinics. It possesses special conductivity properties to accurately record the waveform and rhythm of cardiac electrical activity.


Using electrocardiogram paper is straightforward. Firstly, insert the paper into the electrocardiogram device, ensuring it is completely flat. Next, connect the electrode leads to the patient's body; usually, there are four leads placed on the chest and limbs. Then, start the electrocardiogram device and have the patient remain still while breathing normally to ensure accurate recording of the electrocardiogram signal. Finally, by observing the waveform and rhythm on the electrocardiogram paper, doctors can assess the patient's cardiac health based on this data.

In conclusion, electrocardiogram paper is a crucial medical tool that assists doctors in accurately diagnosing patients' cardiac issues. Proper use of electrocardiogram paper can enhance the quality of medical services and treatment options for patients.

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