Influence of the quality of ECG paper on the service life of the machine

Time : 2023-04-13

An electrocardiograph is a common medical device that records changes in the electrical activity of the heart. The ECG machine needs to use special paper to record accurate ECG results. However, the quality of the paper also has an impact on the lifespan of the ECG machine. This article will introduce the influence of the quality of ECG drawings on the service life of ECG machines.

First, poor paper quality can cause EKG machines to jam or stop. Low-quality paper is often prone to jams, preventing the machine from functioning properly. If low-quality paper is used for a long time, it will not only affect the accuracy of ECG data, but also increase the risk of machine failure and shorten the service life of the machine.

Second, poor quality paper can lead to poor ECG recordings. Low-quality paper can produce blurring, broken lines, etc., which can affect the accuracy and readability of ECG recordings. This will not only bring troubles to the doctor's diagnosis, but also increase the doctor's workload and misdiagnosis rate.

Finally, poor paper quality can affect the lifespan of an EKG machine. Long-term use of poor-quality paper will accelerate the wear and tear of the ECG machine, thereby reducing the service life of the machine. This will not only increase the maintenance cost of the hospital, but also cause unnecessary trouble and harm to patients.

In general, the quality of ECG drawings has a significant impact on the service life of the ECG machine. Therefore, when using an ECG machine, it is necessary to choose high-quality paper to ensure accurate ECG results are recorded, and to ensure the normal operation and service life of the ECG machine.

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