How to use the b-ultrasound machine

Time : 2022-11-25

The method of using the B-ultrasound machine includes the following aspects:

First, to use a B-ultrasound machine, you must choose a stable power supply, have a grounding wire, and be equipped with a voltage stabilizer. Plug the power cord of the B-ultrasound machine into the voltage stabilizer.

Second, master the functions of each indicator key on the panel of the B-ultrasound instrument. When examining a patient, you must be very proficient in switching the function keys. If the image display is not good, you must adjust it.

Third, when examining patients, it is necessary to select appropriate probes for different parts of the examination. For example, when examining superficial organs, such as thyroid and breast, a high-frequency probe with a frequency of 10-12 Hz should be selected. To check abdominal organs, such as liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and spleen, choose a low-frequency probe with a frequency of 3.5-5 Hz. When examining the heart, choose an intermediate frequency probe with a frequency of 6-8 Hz.

Fourth, after treating patients every day, gently wipe the probe clean with a soft cloth, then sterilize the probe, and place it gently on the probe holder. Regular cleaning and dust removal of B-ultrasound instruments, and regular infrared disinfection of the examination room.

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