How to store medical record paper such as ECG paper

Time : 2023-03-16

The material for making ECG paper is thermal paper, which is a special material, so pay attention to the storage method, otherwise the paper will be damaged and cannot be used, and even affect the life of the ECG machine. So, what is the correct way to preserve ECG paper?

The record paper should be kept in a dry, dark, and cold place. It should be avoided to keep the paper at the environment of high temperature, high humidity, the sun, or the fluorescence radiation Otherwise the surface of the paper will change color. It is absolutely not permitted to put the paper at the temperature higher than 50C or any liquid contamination.

The paper shall not contact with the starch, the adhesion agent, the oily paper, or the carbon paper. Otherwise the record paper will change color. The paper should not contact with ethane, oxide, plastic rubber, adhesive tape, fluorescent ink, or red inkpad to avoid the change of color. Any strong squeeze, friction, or scratch is not permitted The printing sides of two pieces of heat sensitive paper should not be put together face to face, Otherwise the printed figure is easy to go to another piece of paper.

A cardiogram recorded on a piece of long-term heat sensitive paper, under normal temperature and humidity can be kept effectively within 5 years without color fading. Our advice is to store the cardiogram in the form of duplicate or pictures so as to ensure the accuracy of the information if you expect to keep the record longer.

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