How to install ECG paper

Time : 2023-03-09

ECG, as a common examination in modern medicine, is an important means for physicians to judge the condition, so the life of the ECG machine, the failure rate are all important. ECG drawings as supplies that ECG machines often need to replace, what is the installation process? As a factory that has been engaged in the production of medical record paper for 20 years, Guanhua told you the method and precautions for the installation of ECG paper.

Before installing the ECG paper, dial the right and left sides of the paper by finger pricking the new ECG paper, avoiding inadvertent carryover of the recorder while recording.

Preparation of recording paper slots

a. Open the front door of the recorder, and press the ECG slot pressure pieces on the right and left sides of the recording paper slot inside the recorder host simultaneously in the middle direction by finger pressing, pulled out toward the front of the instrument.

b. The pressure plate is opened by hand pulling the balance bars on the left and right sides of the pressure plate.

Loading of recording paper

a. Electrocardiographic paper was punched and placed upright in the medical record paper storage supply room, and pulled out paper placed on the drum
Square, remember that the ECG paper has the scales placed that face up, and that the side with the circular hole needs to be placed to the left of the ECG paper slot, while the side with the elliptical hole needs to be placed to the right.

b. Pass the gap between the pressure plate and the drum, remembering that the left and right sides of the paper must be aligned in parallel, and place on the brake gear the paper pressure plate switch will be recorded until it clasps.

c. The introducer of the recording paper slot is pushed along the introducer of the recorder host toward the inside of the instrument until the recording paper slot pressure sheet is heard stuck in place.

Switch on power and deliver paper

Turn on the recorder power supply and press the feed (walk paper) key on the recorder operation panel and let the recording paper travel a short piece of paper so that the recording paper bore is stuck against the buckle paper gear.

The above shows everyone how to install ECG drawings, hoping to be helpful, if everyone has a need for custom ECG paper, welcome online consultation.

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