ECG paper manufacturer teaches you how to judge the quality of paper

Time : 2023-02-23

To judge the quality of the ECG paper, it is first important to understand the principle. ECG print paper is a type of thermal paper used in conjunction with an ECG machine. Generally used in hospitals, doctors rate patients by means of ECG paper printed by an ECG machine.

Rationale for ECG print paper:
Start by applying a layer of carbon black to the original paper and a layer of white dye to make its surface look the same as the white paper. Then print out again with coordinate line grid. When the print head of the ECG machine touches the paper, the dye on the coating will be dissolved, a black line will appear, and then the corresponding wavy line will be obtained.

How is the ECG paper quality judged?
1. Appearance: if the paper is white, state that the protective coating and thermal coating of the paper is not justified, add too much phosphor. The paper finish was not high or seemed uneven, indicating that the paper coating was not uniform and that the quality was not good if the paper seemed to reflect light very strongly, also too much phosphor was added.
2. Fire baking: the method of using fire baking is also simple, heating on the back of the paper with a lighter, if after heating, the color that appears on the paper is brown, indicating that the heat sensitive formula is not very reasonable, the preservation time may be relatively short, if the black part on the paper has fine stripes or the color block is not uniform, indicating that the coating is not uniform. The better quality paper, after heating because it was dark green and the color block was uniform, gradually faded in color from the center to the four weeks.
3. Sun exposure contrasting discrimination: when the printed paper is sun exposed after being applied with a fluorescent pen, which paper darkens most quickly, illustrating the shorter it can be preserved.

Storage of ECG paper:
1. To avoid hot environments, direct sunlight, and prolonged exposure to fluorescent light.
2. It should be placed below 70 ° C, such as prolonged placement above 70 ° C, which has the potential to cause a change in the color of the product, affecting practical use.

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