ECG paper is considered which class of medical devices in CE certification

Time : 2024-06-06

ECG paper, as an essential medical device used for recording ECG data, falls into the first class of medical devices in the CE certification. According to the regulations of the EU Medical Device Directive (MDD), the first class of medical devices refers to low-risk devices, typically non-invasive and without drug components. ECG paper fits within this definition, primarily serving as a tool for recording and transmitting ECG data, with minimal direct risk of invasiveness to the human body.


CE certification is a mandatory requirement for medical devices in the European market, ensuring compliance before products can be sold and used. For products like ECG paper classified under the first class of medical devices, manufacturers must ensure compliance with EU regulations and standards, such as meeting the essential requirements of the Medical Device Directive and specifications for technical documentation. Manufacturers also need to submit an application to a designated CE certification body in the EU and undergo evaluation to obtain CE certification.

Therefore, as a first-class medical device, the certification process for ECG paper in CE certification is relatively straightforward. However, manufacturers must still adhere to relevant regulations and standards to ensure product quality and safety. Only through CE certification can ECG paper smoothly enter the European market, providing the medical industry with a more reliable and secure tool for recording ECG data.

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