Difference between 3 channels ecg paper rolls and 12 channels ecg paper rolls

Time : 2022-11-09

The 12 lead ECG is to synchronously test the ECG changes of 12 leads. You can learn the ECG changes of 12 body parts at one time. The three leads can only measure three leads, and can only detect the ECG changes of three body parts at a time. See the following explanation for details!

Color and fixed position of 12 lead electrocardiograph:
Red, yellow, black and green are respectively clamped on the left wrist, right wrist, right ankle and left ankle
V1: the fourth intercostal space at the right edge of sternum
V2: the fourth intercostal space on the left edge of sternum
V3: The midpoint of the connection between v2 and v4
V4: At the intersection of the middle line of the left clavicle and the fifth rib
V5: The front line of left armpit is at the same level as v4
V6: left midaxillary line is at the same level as v4
V7: The left posterior axillary line is at the same level as v4
V8: Paraspinal at the same level as v4

Generally, the electrocardiograph uses 12 leads to collect the potential difference of the heart at the same time. When outputting and printing, it is divided into synchronous printing and sequential printing, single channel, three channel, six channel and 12 channel. Only the output layout is different when printing. That is to say, the electrocardiograph records usually have 12 leads, but the output layout is different.

Six channel electrocardiograph can also print three channels, and 12 channel electrocardiograph can print six channels and three channels.

Different electrocardiographs can print 12 leads, but single channel can print one lead at a time, 12 times, very slow, 12 leads at a time for 12 channels, 3 leads at a time for 3 channels, 4 groups for printing, 2 groups for six channels, and 6 leads for each group.

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