Common sizes of ECG paper on the market

Time : 2023-05-06

An electrocardiogram is a common test to check the health of your heart. When performing an electrocardiogram examination, it is necessary to use specific specifications of electrocardiograph paper to record the generated electrocardiographic signals. What are the common paper sizes for ECG machines on the market? This article will introduce you.

63mm x 20m

This size of ECG paper is relatively compact and can usually be used for some portable or mobile ECG equipment. It is suitable for short-term measurement and ECG examination in emergency situations.

80mm x 20m

This size of EKG paper is one of the most common sizes on the market today. It is suitable for most electrocardiograph equipment, can record ECG signals for a long time, and the printed images are clear and easy to read.

110mm x 20m

This size of ECG machine paper is relatively large, suitable for some high-end ECG equipment. It can record ECG signals for a longer period of time, and can display more ECG waveform information to provide more accurate diagnostic results.

210mm x 20m
This size of EKG paper is one of the largest sizes currently on the market. It is suitable for some situations that need to record ECG signals for a long time or display more ECG waveform information, such as 24-hour dynamic ECG examination.

In short, the common sizes of paper for ECG machines on the market are 63mm x 20m, 80mm x 20m, 110mm x 20m and 210mm x 20m. To select an appropriate paper size, factors such as the device model and usage scenarios need to be taken into consideration. Correct selection and use of ECG machine paper can ensure the accuracy and reliability of ECG examination results.


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