Classification of medical record paper

Time : 2023-04-13

In the medical industry, recording paper is an important type of printing paper for recording and storing medical information. Different types of medical record paper have different characteristics and uses. This article will introduce the classification of medical record paper.

Medical records
Medical record paper is one of the most commonly used recording papers in hospitals, mainly used to record patients' medical record information. This recording paper needs to be durable, waterproof, antibacterial and other properties to ensure accurate and reliable recording of medical record information. Usually, basic information such as hospital name, department name, patient name, gender, date of birth, etc. will be printed on the medical record paper.

Check sheet
Exam sheets are used to record the results of various medical examination items. Different inspection items need to use different types of inspection sheets for recording. Normally, the inspection sheet needs to have good toughness and stability to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the inspection results.

Laboratory paper
The test sheet is usually used to record the patient's biochemical indicators, blood components and other test results. Since the test sheet needs to be in contact with chemical reagents, it needs to have properties such as acid and alkali resistance, and not easy to fade, so as to ensure the reliability of the recorded data.

Prescription paper
Prescription paper is mainly used by doctors to issue drug prescriptions. This recording paper needs to have certain safety protection measures, in order to avoid medicine from being abused or leaked. Usually, the prescription paper will print information such as the name of the hospital, the signature of the doctor, and the name of the drug.

ECG drawings
Electrocardiogram paper is a special paper used for electrocardiograph recording electrocardiogram results. This recording paper needs to have a high degree of sensitivity and stability to ensure accurate ECG data is recorded. At the same time, ECG drawings should also have good durability and adhesion for easy viewing and storage by patients.

In general, different types of medical record paper have their own characteristics and uses. Understanding these classifications can help medical staff better choose the appropriate recording paper and improve the accuracy and efficiency of medical records.

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