Application of thermal paper and label in medical field

Time : 2023-01-10

There are more and more places where thermal paper is used in hospitals and medical institutions.

At the entrance of the hospital, the papers for queuing up to get the number are automatically printed out, and the papers for queuing up to get the number in the triage department are all printed on thermal paper, which can be used as a voucher for automatic terminal printing.

At present, many inspection sheets can be printed out using three-proof thermal paper, so that the inspection results can be seen clearly and accurately.

In addition, in the field of electrocardiograms, ECG paper made of thermal paper have been used all the time. ECG thermal paper has the advantages of sensitive printing, fast printing speed and quietness.

At present, most hospitals still use the traditional manual writing of nursing labels, loose inspection labels and storage labels. This traditional manual mode is not only time-consuming, labor-intensive, and costly, but also easily causes medical errors and accidents, which brings great harm to hospitals and patients. Unnecessary financial burden and mental stress. Therefore, medical units pay more attention to the improvement of medical service standardization.

The new thermal printing of medical labels can quickly complete the printing of expense lists, infusion labels, inspection labels, material management labels, and drug storage and storage information with a single click of the mouse. Freed from labor, and save effective working time, saving hospital costs

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