Application of SONY video printer

Time : 2023-02-09

SONY video printer can also be called image printer or image recorder. It refers to a product specially used to receive video signals and print out video signal images. Video is composed of a group of continuous pictures. In the high-speed switching state, it forms a continuous image in the eyes of people through the principle of visual persistence. The video printer is a device that separates these dynamic images for the human eye into static images again and prints them.

SONY video printer printing mode:

The printing method refers to the printing principle used by the product. At present, the common printing methods of video printers include thermal printing and thermal sublimation printing.

(1) Thermal printing technology refers to the use of thermal paper as a carrier and the discoloration of thermal paper by the heat of thermal hair. It is characterized by fast printing speed, but the printed image can be saved for a short time. Especially under the irradiation of high temperature and strong light, it may fade or disappear, and it is not easy to save for a long time.

(2) Thermal sublimation technology is a printing method that uses heat energy to transfer pigment to the printing medium, and controls the color ratio and intensity through different temperatures regulated by semiconductor heating elements. The thermal sublimation printer has the characteristics of continuous color scale, but also has the characteristics of long-term preservation and non-fading.

The most common users of SONY video printer have two aspects: on the one hand, it is applied to the output of video images in hospitals such as B-ultrasound and endoscope; On the other hand, it is used in the field of professional photography to print out a part of the captured image.

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