Activities of the Party Branch of Suzhou Foreign Trade Enterprise Promotion Association-Visit Suzhou Guanhua Paper Factory

Time : 2022-08-15

On the afternoon of August 3, the party branch of Suzhou Foreign Trade Enterprise Promotion Association and some outstanding entrepreneurs came to the vice chairman unit Suzhou Guanhua Paper Factory. General Manager Xu Minhua warmly received and led everyone to visit the entire factory.

Guanhua mainly produces thermal paper, ECG drawings, medical recording paper and other products. With high-tech technical force, stable product quality, high-quality sales team, and perfect service system. Forge ahead, continue to deepen reforms, and continue to grow in business volume, and now it has become a long-term partner of many large commercial chain enterprises and banks.

Guanhua adheres to the business philosophy of "speeding up technology, efficient office, service follow-up, concept establishment", and has embarked on a road of brand conceptualization. Mr. Xu also shared his experience with everyone on efficient office work: believe in employees, let them go and do it boldly, and perform their duties, and the effect will be unexpected. Indeed, we can see through some details in the company that a lot of work is done in place.

During the exchange session, everyone discussed the current domestic and international economic situation. Even in the face of the unpredictable epidemic and the complex and ever-changing international situation, the bosses were full of confidence, encouraged each other, and believed that under the leadership of the party, While doing a good job in internal production management, enterprises should learn more from excellent enterprises and move towards their goals, and there will be innovations and breakthroughs.

The one-day visit and learning activities will soon come to an end, and everyone is still waiting for the next learning opportunity!

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