What size thermal paper is used for electrocardiograph

Time : 2022-08-11

What size thermal paper should I use for an electrocardiograph?

50mm×20m, 50mm×30m, 210mm×30m

Thermal paper has the disadvantage that it is not easy to store. Various documents in the hospital are required to be kept for at least 20 years. Many thermal papers are relatively expensive, and many can be replaced by ordinary paper, but why is thermal paper so widely used? Why do electrocardiographs use thermal paper?

1. Easy to replace - the paper can be replaced without opening, which is very important for medical equipment.

2. Simple structure and high reliability - thermal paper is equivalent to "self-contained ink", which saves the trouble of replacing the ink paper separately, and only relative sliding between the fixed heat source and the paper during printing, the stability and reliability are guaranteed .

3. The principle is similar - the principle of thermal printing is exactly the same as the principle of [the change of the potential of a point on the body surface with time] embodied by the electrocardiogram.

The ECG drawings produced by Guanhua are made of pure wood pulp base paper, so that the ECG drawings can absorb ink evenly. The paper is tight in texture and stable in quality. It is coated with multiple layers to make printing clearer. Our logistics adopts double-layer packaging, carton plus film , waterproof, moisture-proof, scratch-proof, more secure in use, and more secure in transportation.

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