5 key points to judge the quality of ECG paper

Time : 2023-03-03

As a consumable for electrocardiograph, the quality of electrocardiograph paper will affect the printing effect and the judgment of doctors. Paper plays a very important role in the quality and effect of printing products. In view of the differences in paper raw materials and paper processing equipment technology, the quality of ECG paper also varies greatly.

So, how should we choose high-quality printing paper?


1. Gram weight
Gram weight is also called quantitative weight, that is, weight per square meter, expressed in grams per square meter, which is a hard standard to judge the quality of paper. How to judge whether the product meets the required weight? At this time, we can go up and weigh. Weigh it with a scale to prevent the quality of the paper used from being substandard or cutting corners.

2. Thickness
Thickness refers to the compactness of paper fibers in the papermaking process of the paper company, which can be felt by hand. The paper thickness of 50 grams per square meter is definitely different from 100 grams per square meter. But if the paper with the same weight feels slightly thinner by hand, it means that the quality of the slightly thinner paper is better. This is the reason for 70 grams of copy paper and 70 grams of general paper.

3. Uniformity
The so-called uniformity means uniformity, which refers to the uniform distribution of fibers on the paper during the papermaking process. It cannot be thick at one place and thin at another. How to judge? Take a piece of paper and look at the transparency of the paper. The transparency of the paper with uniform fiber is the same. The transparency of the paper with uneven fiber looks dark in some places and bright in some places.

4. Stiffness
The way to check the stiffness of printing paper is to listen, that is, shake or rub the paper with your hands, and listen to its sound with your ears. The sound made by the paper with good stiffness is crisp, while the sound made by the paper with poor stiffness is weak. Editor's note: pay attention to distinguish when listening. The sound of paper made from different materials is different. Wood pulp paper is crisp, straw pulp paper is muddy, and cotton pulp paper is soft.

5. Luminosity
The quality of the products printed by the paper with good brightness is better than that of the paper with poor brightness, and the cost of consumables used for printing this kind of paper is relatively low. Its resolution method is to look at the light. The paper with good luminosity has strong reflection and can shoot eyes; The paper with low brightness does not have this phenomenon.

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