Cardiotocography paper CTG medical recording paper sheets with FSC for obstetric inspection

Brand Name: Inbetter
Model Number: GHD-1
Certification: ISO13485, ISO9001
Packaging: OEM Packing
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Quick Detail

Product Name
CTG medical paper, CTG paper roll, thermal paper for CTG fetal monitor
Size112mmx100mm, 152mmx90mm, 110x100mm,etc.
PrintedGrids or black sensor mark
UsageAll popular brands of CTG fetal monitor, such as EDAN MFM2, COMEN STAR5000C, SEERIR 618B, ENAN MAFM, HP M13515,MT-325, ect.   

Product application scenarios

Fetal heart rate monitoring paper is mainly used for fetal heart rate monitor. It records fetal heart rate changes through signals, forms monitoring graphs on the paper, monitors fetal heartbeat and intrauterine pressure, understands fetal heart rate during fetal movement and uterine contractions, and then checks The health of the fetus.


Started in 2003

19 years source factory
with a daily output of 500,000
rolls, saving 30% of the cost!

Environmental friendly

High-quality raw materials,
BPA free, CE, FSC certified

Smooth and flat

CNC die-cutting process,
no paper jams, prolong
service life of print head.

Factory introduction

Suzhou Guanhua Paper Factory was established in 2003. Our company has a wide range of products, including medical record paper, ECG drawings, ultrasound paper, fetal heart monitoring paper, Vedio printer paper and other products.

Team style

2017 team tour

2017 team tour

2021 team building activities

2021 team building activities

Sales Team

Sales Team

Sales Manager: Ms Belinda Yu

Product QualityAssurance

We have passed ISO9001, CE, FSC and other certifications, and undergo strict quality control from raw material storage to finished product shipment. There are 11 professional inspectors, through 7 processes, 10,000 meters of continuous printing test.

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