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Inbetter is committed to the production of various medical recording papers. Our main products are ECG charts, fetal heart monitoring papers, and ultrasound papers. Widely used in hospitals, electrocardiographs and other fields.

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Application Scenario

CTG Paper

CTG Paper

All popular brands of CTG Fetal Monitor

ECG Paper

ECG Paper

All popular brands of ECG machine

Ultrasonic Paper

Ultrasonic Paper

All popular brands of Video printer paper

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Can I use my own brand?

We have done OEM for many medical institutions and have rich experience.

I have customization needs, but no relevant experience

We have professional designers who can design for you for free.

How soon can I receive my shipment?

The delivery time is 30% shorter than that of the peers, usually 15-20 days after the order is confirmed, the goods will be sent out.

Why does the ECG recording paper change color?

It should be placed below 70°C. If it is placed at a temperature above 70°C for a long time, it may cause the color of the product to change and affect the actual use.


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